As we shared with you earlier, Off Lease Only has filed for voluntary protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  

Unfortunately, as we wind down the business, we will need to terminate our contracts with our vendors.  Any unpaid charges for goods and services provided prior to September 7, 2023 will be addressed as part of our Chapter 11 process and are considered “pre-petition” claims.

Please know that we cannot pay any outstanding “pre-petition” claims without specific approval from the Bankruptcy Court. If you provided services to our Company before September 7, 2023 and do not receive payment, you may have a “pre-petition” claim that will need to be filed with the Bankruptcy Court. If you have property at our locations, you will also have to file a claim that will need to be filed with the Bankruptcy Court.  The bankruptcy case restricts us from removing or allowing others access to remove any property at this time.

If you want to file a claim you can do that at

We are committed to keeping you updated throughout this process and apologize for any disruption our wind down has caused you or your business. We also want to make you aware that you may receive customary communications in the form of legal notices through Stretto, a third party supporting Off Lease Only during this process. If you have any further questions, please call our dedicated hotline at 833-794-5316 or visit for more information.


Off Lease Only